((To reappear or not to reappear?))

#I'm not dead

Hey, guys.

what do you mean we’re suddenly having prom night I’m too tired for this go away. 

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Do you or have you ever done ballet?

I’m a racer, not a dancer. So… no, can’t say I have. 


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So, tell her the card was from you.

But what if she didn’t even like it oh gobstopper 


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(( if u say turbo three times he’ll appear and run ur lousy dates over with his kart xoxoxo best prom date canidate ))

(( couldn’t ask for anyone better xoxoxo )) 

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Why would she say no to you? She does know that you were the one that sent her the card and cupcake right?

IIIII never really got around to telling her that part. Or anyone, really.



But. I’m not even sure when it is, let alone who’s going or who’s got dates already. 

Oh, I know when it is!! It’s the 14th. U u U And hmm…well who were you thinking of taking? :o I might be able to see if they’re going with anyone! :)

14th— but that’s in more than two weeks are you serious. 

You already know I kinda like Turbo and the president okay

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aw skittles I’ve been noticed what do I do should I just ask or should I wait until later or agh